Top 10 Pro Scooters Reviews

Finding and choosing the best pro scooter for your child’s’ needs is not an easy job, especially when you consider the number of different designs of bars, decks, brands and weight available in the market. Although there is no way for us to know your personal preferences of style we best pro scooter can take what we know about certain scooter products and relay them to you in a way that will make sense and eventually lead you into making an educated decision when selecting a complete pro scooter.

Those who want to get their hands on a scooter that doesn’t cost as much as an arm and a leg, should certainly check out the Royal Guard 2. Thanks to its new flex brake, extra strong bars, and reinforced 6 sided neck profile, this scooter will take riding to a whole new level.

In fact one of the things people do with these scooters to demonstrate the quality of the build is the drop test, in which the scooter is dropped onto its wheels to produce a pleasing rattle-free ringing sound, which shows that it is dialed-in”, meaning well-built.

He has been sponsored by Lucky Scooters, Zeus, Elyts Footwear to name a few just to make the rest of us all jealous at the amount of equipment he can get his hands on. JonMarco grew up in New Jersey where he often films a lot of his scooter content for his self-titled YouTube channel.

The 2018 Madd Gear VX7 Mini for Beginners, as one can easily understand by its name that it is a product specially designed for young kids or beginners; it does not mean that the quality or the durability of this beginner pro scooter is compromised at all.