Buy GIA Certified Loose Diamonds In NYC

THE FOUNDERS OF THE COMPANY STARTED THE DIAMOND BUSINESS IN 1968 AS DIAMOND CUTTERS AND IMPORTERS OF FINE CUT DIAMONDS WITH A REPUTATION OF HAVING EXCELLENT PRICES & OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT IS WELL KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Any style of jewelry looks beguiling only when they are decorated with a buy wholesale diamonds precious diamond shape that is desired by millions. A high-quality loose diamond will hold its value, while the setting may not. We’re a direct importer of fine to excellent quality loose diamonds, which we also craft into exceptional diamond engagement rings and other custom jewelry.

Selling loose diamonds to WP Diamonds will ensure you get the best return on your diamond. This is to get a clear view of the cut, clarity, color of your diamond jewelry. In terms of sales policies, physical stores will come nowhere near to what online retailers offer in terms of money-back guarantee and risk free purchases.

So, start by comparing certificates with their diamonds’ prices, and when you find a diamond you like, then ask to see the actual diamond. At the very least, learn about the 4Cs, settle on a shape, and calculate the price you should expect to pay elsewhere for the type of diamond you plan to eventually purchase.

The GIA diamond clarity scale starts with FL and goes down to I. Diamonds have more inclusions as the diamond clarity chart moves towards. Today, factors like availability, marketing campaigns, the use of the latest cutting technique, the increased skill of gem cutters have stimulated the demand for diamonds.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a loose diamond that has been subject to certification process is that you can be confident with the quality of the stone. Loose diamonds or diamonds set in jewelry are relatively complex to value. Verification of a loose diamond usually comes in the form of a diamond certification, such as IGI, GIA, AGS, or EGL.