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What Artists are saying about Outworld's Release:

"Thick guitar tones, unbelievable playing and aggressive metal/prog/melodic tunes. That's the best way for me to describe Outworld's latest release. Being a huge fan of Rusty, this is definitely his best to date. The guitar playing is intricate, creative and beyond comprehension at times while at the same time incorporating unique and interesting phrasing. In fact, all of the players really shine on this CD. The thing that stands out the most however, is the maturity of the song structures. Really cool riffs, melodic hooks and a great mix have made this one of my favorite releases this year."

-John Petrucci, Dream Theater

After listening to the Outworld CD, I was blown away by the killer songwriting and musicianship of this great band. There are tons of hooks and catchy choruses that will make this driving force of excellent musicians something to watch out for in 2007!

-Jeff Loomis, Nevermore

"Outworld is on my Top 5 discs of 2006, for the killer metal and awesome singing. They are one of the bands that strays away from cliches and delivers the good stuff!"

-Gus, Adagio

"Outworld's debut cd is a world class release. Progressive Metal is an understatement, scary!!"

-Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge




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